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Finally make changes to text AND graphics according to your needs and all with out knowing html code.

Every website we create includes a version of the Continuum Web Content Management System. And since it is proprietary you can be assured that you have a high end, battle proven system that has 6 years of development behind it. No Open Source Solutions here.

Instead of using a program like FrontpageTM and DreamweaverTM to edit a website a client can simply log in to the Continuum Web Content Management System and immediately begin editing their web pages via WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interfaces.

Start small and keep growing- Since the Continuum Content Management System is built on a modular architecture you can expand your website with modules like specialized searching functions, Tracking systems, E-Commerce Systems and MORE.

•Single Administration Area Upload Images from your computer (no special software required)
•Edit Text and Photos through simple login
•Rename Navigation Links
•Dynamic Drop Down Menu Systems
•Dynamic Page Renaming - change .php to .html
•Dynamic Meta Tag Creation- Title, Keywords and description
•IP Banning - Instantly Ban offending visitors
and more

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Custom Website Design

Unique Designs, Creative Flair, Unforgettable Identities. Each site is designed with the clients own style in mind.

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Manage Your Website- Continuum Web Content Management

Make changes to the text and images on your website without the knowledge of any programming.

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GO MOBILE -  Ipad, Iphone, Android

Product Promotion, Corporate Mobile App Development
, Ipad, Iphone, Android Video Games.
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3D Medical Animation

Our exclusive Medical Animation Studio produces custom MOA Animationsand Medical Device Simulations - all produced in-house.

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